First Virtual Workshop on Automatic Diagnostics of COVID-19 Sounds.

25th September 2020

The aim of this workshop is to bring together a community interested in investigating how sounds of our body (respiration and voice) could be used to help the automatic diagnosis and screening of COVID-19. The workshop brings together experts on the topic and is open for participation to interested researchers.

Date and Participation

The workshop will run online on 25th September 2020, 1pm to 5pm BST. The programme can be found below. In addiiton to the talks below we are hoping to see a number of prerecorded 5'contributions which we can put on this website too. If interested in contributing, please email a title and speaker name to by 10th Sept 2020.

Registration is now open: Register Here!

All live talks will be made availabe post-workshop.


1pm Opening

Session 1: Voice
1.05pm Voice Profiling Technologies and the Detection of Covid-19 from Voice. Rita Singh, CMU
1.20pm COVID19 Early Detection from Voice. Alon Barnea and Vered Aharonson, Afeka College of Engineering, Israel
1.35pm Listening to the sound of COVID. Björn Shuller. Imperial College London
1.50pm Revealing the Medical Secrets of Human Voice using AI. Thayabaran Kathiresan. VoiceMed.
2.05pm Panel for Q&A. Chair: Pietro Cicuta

2.30pm Q&A for Contributed Talks: Pre-recorded contributed talks here. Chair: Vered Aharonson.

3pm Break

Session 2: Breathing and Coughing
3.30pm From #CodeVsCovid19 hackathon winner to clinical trials. Simon Hofer. DetectNow.
3.45pm Modeling of audio data characteristics for research of COVID-19 cough sounds. Lucia Kvapilova. Healthmode.
4pm The COUGHVID crowdsourcing dataset: A corpus for the study of large-scale COVID-19 cough analysis algorithms. Lara Orlandic. EPFL.
4.15pm Crowdsourcing COVID-19-Sounds. Jagmohan Chauhan, University of Cambridge.
4.30pm Panel for Q&A. Chair: Cecilia Mascolo
4.55pm Wrap up


Pietro Cicuta, Department of Physics, University of Cambridge.
Cecilia Mascolo, Department of Computer Science and Technology, University of Cambridge.

The Workshop is sponsored by the European Research Council through Project EAR.
Read about the Covid-19 Sounds data collection.